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Gossen Metrawatt – Your brand for safety

What does safety stand for?

Safety is defined in the Oxford English Dictonary* as:

  • the state of being safe
  • the state of being protected from danger or harm
  • the absence of hazards to the largest possible extent

Why is the brand Gossen Metrawatt closely associated with safety?

Our entire portfolio is designed to provide you with the highest level of electrical safety with high quality products. Safety testing is carried out to detect potential risks of electric shock in electrical equipment and systems at an early stage - thus ensuring the safety of your employees and systems.


We give you 5 strong arguments to choose Gossen Metrawatt when it comes to safety:

Argument III: Why we are talking about "safety is green"?

Green is not just the color of our company logo - green is an attitude. For us as a company, which is active in the energy sector it is important to take care about our environment.

We implement this requirements within our company processes. From the product idea until the end of each product life cycle, there are approaches to create a sustainable future.

Safety is green - visit our "green processes" and find out everything about:
  • General facts: "green thinking"
  • Developement: sustainable product design
  • Production: efficient production facility
  • Logistics: sustainable logistics routes
  • Pre & After Sales Services: recycling requirements

Find out more about it: Safety is green

Sicherheit ist "Grün"

Argument II: Why do we offer "Safety with IQ"?

The future of test processes is certainly SAFE, but also DIGITAL and first of all INTELLIGENT!

Intelligent test processes enable you to achieve substantial savings with regard to time and money. Get to know the IQ solutions from Gossen Metrawatt, starting from IQ compatible test instruments, to intelligent software connection right on up to sophisticated digital data storage in our secure cloud. Experience the smartest overall solution currently on the market for test and measuring equipment in the field of electrical safety.

Safety with IQ from Gossen Metrawatt - Utilize intelligence and…

  • Experience simplicity: intuitive operation of instruments and software connection
  • Save time: digitalization of test data in a single step
  • Reduce costs: reduced workload leads to lower costs
  • Increase flexibility: becoming more proficient along with growing demands
  • Enjoy safety: data backup in a safe manner

Find out more about it: Safety with IQ »

Safety with IQ

Argument I: Why are we talking about "Safety made in Nuremberg"?

The brand GOSSEN METRAWATT has its origin in Erlangen and Nuremberg and has been united under the same roof in Nuremberg since 1993.

In recent years, new future-oriented facilities and premises for production and the service company have been established in Nuremberg. With its headquarters being situated at the Südwestpark, GMC-I Messtechnik also has its location in the heart of Nuremberg.

As our customer you also benefit from "Safety made in Nuremberg":

  • Quality from Germany – one of the best safety promises
  • Contact person in your area – and abroad we are certainly at your disposal as well!
  • High level of competence thanks to intensive geographical interconnection of product development, production and service as an integrated concept
Safety made in Nuremberg

What are the other two strong arguments?

Let us surprise you! Learn more about this soon …

* Source: https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/safety?q=safety

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