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Item number: SECUTEST4Update

Firmware update for M705xx - SECUTEST BASE, BASE10, PRO, SECULIFE ST BASE, BASE25

As of immediately, firmware version 3.0 can be downloaded from myGMC.

After registering your test instrument, you can download the most up-to-date firmware any time.

  • Gossen Metrawatt | Camille Bauer

Observe the following:
If you use software to further process the data, check to determine whether or not the respective software is compatible with SECUTEST/SECULIFE firmware version 3.0!

Downgrading the firmware to an older version is no longer possible after the update!

Note: If the update doesn’t start automatically at the test instrument, disconnect it from the mains for roughly 10 seconds. Press and hold the silver colored start key while reconnecting the test instrument to the mains. Restart the update program – the update is now executed. Please refer to the

Technical Characteristics tab for the function description.

  • Technical characteristics

    Firmware V 3.0.0 – What’s new?

    Changelog M705xx, SECUTEST BASE(10), PRO, SECULIFE ST BASE with firmware V 3.0.0

    Improvements / Function Extensions

    • First version with support of for SECULIFE ST PRO test instrument
    • MEM: “Clone” feature for database objects (only with option Z853R or feature KB01)
    • USB flash drive: Test report can be stored as HTML file (replaces BMP report printing feature).
    • Measurement: “SFC” parameter has been added. Leakage current measurement with “direct method”: the following single faults can be selected:
      IPE N interrupted
      IB N interrupted PE interrupted
      IP N interrupted
      PE interrupted
      Mains to application part
    • SETUP: automatic test sequences are now configurable such that work can be continued even if limits are exceeded in order to get a complete error report for the DUT (only available with feature Z853S or option KD01).
    • SETUP: “Culture” and “Features” appear now as submenus in the “System” menu.
    • SETUP: Printer options for printer Z721S have been moved to the new “Test reports” menu item.
    • SETUP: The “Barcode reader” menu item is now at the top level of the SETUP menu (previously: “External devices”).
    • Test reports: A new customizable text box is now available for test reports.
    • Test reports: option for more compact test reports by combining test steps within the report
    • Test reports: option for minimizing the report view to “failed steps only” (for extensive test sequences)
    • Green rotary switch positions: A freely definable comment can now be entered when saving measurement results to the database or sending them via the push-print function.
    • Test sequences: additional for “SNR 462638” – selectable under SETUP – Autom. measurem. – Meas. sequences
    • Integrated automatic test sequences: Additional fuse check step at the end of every run.
    • RPE measurement: The range for the RPE “Offset” parameter has been extended from 2 to 5 Ohm (display generally 27 instead of 30 Ohm).
    • RPE measurement: The frequency parameter for RPE 200 mA AC is once again available.
    • Orange rotary switch positions: Pressing the “PRINT” key after saving test results now prints a single test report.
    • Visual Inspections: Go/no-go responses to visual inspection prompts can now be changed directly by touch-click (only with touchscreen-option).
    • MEM: MEM can now be controlled via an external keyboard (only available with option Z853S or feature KD01).
    • Language setup: “Brazilian Portuguese” has been added to the culture menu.
    • RFID tags: The problem which occurred while writing RFID tags with the Z751E has been solved.
    • MEM: The problem which occurred when exporting certain databases has been solved.
    • XML export: Filenames generated for XML export to USB memory devices will now include the test instrument’s serial number.
    • USB flash drive: Filenames generated for database backups to USB memory devices will now include the test instrument’s serial number.
    • VDE 0701-0702/NEN 3140/ÖVE E 8701/SNR 462638: new “IT mode (active)” sequence parameter for performing touch current measurement using the differential measurement method on DUTs with non-interruptible earth connection.
    • Orange rotary switch positions: A “Skip” symbol is now displayed instead of the green triangle for inspection test steps with the “manual skipping possible” parameter (usually the on/off check for default test sequences).
    • MEM: The MEM user interface can now (again) be exited via the START/STOP button.
    • Leakage current measurements: secondary measured value “ULN” replaced with “ULPE
    • Test reports: Company logo can now be uploaded in full color and in various image formats (PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF).
    • Green rotary switch positions: Measuring voltage can now be adjusted for RINS while conducting a measurement.
    • MEM: The automatic DUT selection error after creation of a new DUT (via ID softkey or barcode/RFID scanner) has been fixed.


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