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Item number: SECUTEST4Update

Firmware update for M705xx - SECUTEST BASE, BASE10, PRO, SECULIFE ST BASE, BASE25, PRO

As of immediately, firmware version 3.1.0 can be downloaded from myGMC.

After registering your test instrument, you can download the most up-to-date firmware any time.

  • Firmware update for M705xx - SECUTEST BASE, BASE10, PRO, SECULIFE ST BASE, BASE25, PRO

Observe the following:

The ETC software has been replaced by the IZYTRONIQ software. After the update, data management with ETC is no longer possible.

For operation with IZYTRONIQ, version 4.6 SP1 is required.

If you use software to further process the data, check to determine whether or not the respective software is compatible with SECUTEST/SECULIFE firmware version 3.1.0!

Downgrading the firmware to an older version is no longer possible after the update!

Note: If the update doesn’t start automatically at the test instrument, disconnect it from the mains for roughly 10 seconds. Press and hold the silver colored start key while reconnecting the test instrument to the mains. Restart the update program – the update is now executed.

Please refer to the Technical Characteristics tab for the function description.

  • Technical characteristics

    Firmware V 3.1.0 – What’s new?

    Changelog M705xx, SECUTEST BASE(10), PRO, SECULIFE ST BASE with firmware V 3.1.0

    Improvements / Function Extensions

    • Measurements with mains on test socket: Parameter options for parameter polarity have been changed:
      (L/N)=> regular
      (N/L)=> reversed
    • L1 continuity check (VL2E-Adapter): Result strings have changed — Failed => L1/L2/L3/N faulty.
    • Automatic test sequences: Automatic switch-off of test socket when current consumption is reduced/low can be enabled in SETUP.
      (Only available with feature "Z853S" or option "KD01").
    • Automatic test sequences: The hint "Please put DUT into opera-tion" (which appears after switching the test socket to mains voltage) can be deactivated (SETUP > Autom. measurem.).
    • Automatic test sequences: The hint "Please switch off DUT on its main switch or push confirm if already off." (which appears be-fore switching the test socket to mains voltage) only will be dis-played for DUTs with low internal resistance.
    • Automatic test sequences: If "SETUP > At limit viol. > Continue" is selected and a limit violation occurs during certain RPE or RINS test steps, a warning pops up and must be confirmed.(Only available with feature "Z853S" or option "KD01").
    • Automatic test sequences: Optimization of the automatic test se-quences.
    • User-defined test sequences: New check available: "Switchable check" determines whether the internal resistance of the con-nected DUT is low enough, so that mains power can be switched via the internal relays (i.e. without switching off the DUT power switch).
    • Continuity test with EL1-adapter: Efficiency and safety level has been improved.
    • PRCD trip time measurement: Renamed display name of measur-ing function and name of measured value — tB => tPRCD and tB => tt.
    • PRCD trip time measurement within automatic test sequences: Entry in comment field of test result for limit violation fixed.
    • VDE 0701-0702: Input of cable length/cross section is no longer required when measured value is < 0,2 Ohm.
    • VDE 0701-0702/NEN 3140/ÖVE E 8701/SNR 462638: Cable cross-section of 25 mm² can be entered for RPE limit value calcula-tion (> 16 A).
    • VDE 0701-0702-PRCD/NEN 3140-PRCD/ÖVE E 8701-PRCD/SNR 462638-PRCD: Test sequence for PRCD-K types has been fixed.
    • VDE 0701-0702-ExtC/NEN 3140-ExtC/ÖVE E 8701-ExtC/SNR 462638-ExtC with EL1-adapter connection: Efficiency and safety level of the continuity test has been improved.•NEN 3140:2018: Now available at a charge.
    • Integrated test sequences for extension cords: Visual inspection questions reduced.
    • Probe check: Parameter values for probe selection have changed (affecting remote control and user-defined test se-quences).
    • USB devices: USB-Icons in the header will be displayed with a digit indicating the count of connected devices of this type.
    • Bluetooth: Bluetooth-settings (pairings, Bluetooth device name, etc.) are lost when updating the firmware from 3.0.0 (or older) to 3.1.0 (or newer). Enter Bluetooth device name again. Re-establish Bluetooth pairings with required devices/computers.
    • HTML test reports: New online mode (SETUP > Test reports) saves protocols with reduced space and faster saving pro-cess. However, these protocols can only be opened with Inter-net connection.
    • HTML test reports: Suffix is added to report file names on USB-Stick to indicate the saving type: "-online" for the new online mode (see above), otherwise "-offline“.
    • HTML test reports: Comments entered during test steps will be added to the HTML test report.
    • System start: Faster boot-up in case of huge database.
    • New feature User permissions: Roles can be assigned to testing persons. Testing persons with the role "EIP" cannot change some settings. (Only available with feature "Z853S" or option "KD01").
    • SETUP: Testing persons list is now sorted alphabetically.•SETUP: Automatic test sequences can be configured in such a way that they are aborted immediately and without further in-quiry in the event of a limit value violation.(Only available with feature "Z853S" or option "KD01").
    • SETUP: Self test added for "Plug and protection class detection on test socket".
    • MEM: When using "clone" for "devices" and "medical devices", the serial number will be deleted in the clone.
    • Only SECUTEST BASE/PRO: Parameter box "SFC" is displayed on main screen if the rotary switch is positioned to the measure-ments "IT", "IPE", "IP"


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