• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer

Characteristic Values

Item number M311H M311G
Product details page Details Details
Max. voltage measuring circuit category 300V 300V
Frequency range alternating current 50Hz - 60Hz 50Hz - 60Hz
Indication Digital Digital
Analogue bar graph display
Measuring range selection Manual Manual
Current measurement range, DC 0,00001A - 1A 0,00001A - 1A
Current measurement range, AC 0,00001A - 10A 0,00001A - 10A
Type of current Direct/alternating current Direct/alternating current
True RMS measurement
Voltage measurement, AC
Voltage measurement, DC
Resistance measurement range
Power measuring
Leakage current measuring x x
Top arbour measurement
Measuring in cables with for- and back conductor
Pliers opening 30mm 5mm
Version as adapter to connect to multi meter x x
Interface x x
Measuring circuit category CAT III CAT III
Intrinsic uncertainty of the measured value in %

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