• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer

Characteristic Values

Modbus Modul, RS485
Item number U180A
Product details page Details
Minimum current rating (Imin) 0.25A
Accuracy of reactive energy 2
Reference current (Iref) 5A
Type of meter Electronic
Max. current (Imax) 80A
Nominal voltage (Un) N-L 230V - 240V
Frequency 50Hz - 60Hz
Accuracy class B
Model Direct measurement
Tariff type One-tariff
Measuring type load profile
Escapement mechanism
Calibrated x
Approval Measuring Instruments Directive
Pulse output Electrical
Type of indication Digital
Width in number of modular spacings 2
Type of interface Modbus
EEC40 signature
With lock code

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