• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer


  • Economic success
  • Long-term assurance of the marketability of our products
  • Satisfied customers
  • An intact environment


Our Quality Policy
  • Fulfilling our customers’ requirements is a duty for us.
  • We design our products and processes in an environmentally sound fashion.
  • Legal and official requirements are complied with and checked on a regular basis.
  • We demand quality and environmental awareness, as well as reliability, from our suppliers too.
  • Through conscientious performance of his or her job, each employee fulfilLs the goal of satisfying his or her customers.
  • By continuously improving our processes, we intend to constantly enhance the effectiveness of our IM system.
  • Error prevention comes before error correction.




Our Environmental Policy
  • We promote the environmental awareness of our employees.
  • We examine the impact of our processes on the environment.
  • We ascertain how new processes and products will influence the environment in advance.
  • We avoid/reduce negative environmental influences by using modern technologies.
  • We conserve natural resources.
  • We prevent incidents which would impact the environment.
  • We inform our customers regarding the environmental influences of our products.
  • We involve our suppliers and other contract partners in our environmental activities.
  • We maintain an open dialog with the public authorities.
  • We comply with requirements resulting from applicable environmental regulations and our environmental goals, and check for reliable conformity on a regular basis.
  • We reduce costs for our company by adhering to our guiding principles.

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