• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer

Characteristic Values

SIRAX MM1200 440V 5/1A 100-250ADC 485 DE SIRAX MM1200 440V 5/1A 100-250VAC/DC DE
Item number 175051 175019
Product details page Details Details
Indication Graphic Graphic
Number of voltage input channels 3 3
Number of current input channels 3 3
Current measurement With current clamp meter/clamp adapter With current clamp meter/clamp adapter
Top arbour measurement
Power factor x x
Effective power x x
Reactive power x x
Apparent power x x
Step angle (cos phi) x x
Power/work x x
Interface x
Measured value memory
Current supply Mains power supply Mains power supply
Voltage measuring range/AC direct 57.7V - 480V 57.7V - 480V

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