• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer

Characteristic Values

Item number M525N M525M M525O M525P
Product details page Details Details Details Details
Indication Digital Digital Digital Digital
Limit value indication x x x x
Status display of internal memory x x x x
Measurement functions selectable via rotary switch x x x x
Structured measured value memory x x x x
Editable menus x x x x
Interface x x x x
Updateable x x x x
Offset management x x x x
Measurement category CAT III 300 V CAT III 300 V CAT III 300 V CAT III 300 V
Testing of IMDs and RCMs x x x x
Testing of charging devices E-Mobility, simulation of vehicle status x x x x
Battery status indicator x
Name of inspector editable at test instrument x
Creation of test procedures x
Help function with connection diagrams x
Bluetooth interface x
Bidirectional data exchange x
Automatic measurement cable compensation x
Connection for test probe with remote triggering x
Remote control for testing device x
Voltage measurement U L-N-PE 690 V
Phase sequence determination x
Low resistance measurement 25 A
Low resistance measurement with ramp function x
Isolation resistance measurement x
Isolation resistance measurement with ramp function x
Resistances of isolating floors and walls x
Over voltage protector testing x
Measurement of standing-surface insulation x
Loop resistance/impedance measurement x
Loop impedance / impedance measurements in DC systems 690 V
Loop measurement without RCD/FI release x
Detection short-circuit current/overcurrent protection x
Testing of IT networks 690 V
Mains internal resistance measurement x
Voltage drop measurement x
RCD/FI testing x
RCD/FI testing with rising residual current
RCD tripping test with nominal residual current x
RCD/FI analysis function x
PRCD testing type S, type K x
Testing of motor protection switch x
Measuring of leakage currents with adapter x
Measurement of touch current x
Measurement of residual voltage x
Connection of barcode or RFID reader x
Connection for current clamp sensors x
Connection of temperature and humidity sensor x
RCD tripping test with nominal residual current and simultaneously rising residual current

Dialogue, Information and Actions: