• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer

Characteristic Values

METRISO PRIME+ METRISO PRIME mit Kurbelinduktor METRISO PRIME mit Batteriebetrieb
Item number M5000 M550U M550T
Product details page Details Details Details
Indication Digital Analogue Analogue
Analogue bar graph display x x
Current supply Mains Hand driven generator Hand driven generator
Background lighting LC-indication x
External voltage detection at OFF-state x
Intelligent filter system - measurement-dependent and precise activation for measurements with high value resistances x x x
Compensation of 16 2/3 Hz Schwebungen and 50 Hz interferences x
Attenuation of capacitive influences (supply lines)
Suppression of electric field influences x x
Isolation resistance measuring range 0.6MOhm - 999000MOhm 0,00001MOhm - 1000000MOhm 0,00001MOhm - 1000000MOhm
Nominal test voltage 100 V x x x
Nominal test voltage 250 V x x x
Nominal test voltage 500 V x x x
Nominal test voltage 1000 V x x x
Nominal test voltage 2500 V x x x
Nominal test voltage 5000 V x x x
Nominal test voltage adjustable x x x
Low resistance measurement x
Voltage measurement x x x
Over voltage protector testing
Measured value memory x
Data hold
Interface x
Nominal test voltage adjustable with ramp function
Device self-test with built-in test resistor
Overvoltage protection - electronic fuse x

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