• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer

Characteristic Values

Item number M590A M591B M592A M592B
Product details page Details Details Details Details
Indication Digital Digital Digital Digital
Internal memory x x x x
Background illumination x x x
Low resistance measurement according to EN61557-4 / VDE 0413-4 x x
Measurement even with existing interference voltages in systems with 16.7 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz and 400 Hz x x x x
Earth loop resistance measurement with 2 current clamp meters (dual-clamp method) x x x
Battery status indicator x x x x
Data interface x x x x
3-wire earth resistance measurement with a current clamp meter (selective) x x x
Specific earth resistance (Wenner method) x x x x
RTC real-time clock x x
Current measurement (leakage currents etc.) x x x
Measurement of interference voltages x x x x
Entry of distances between measurement electrodes x x x x
Selection of measuring voltages x x
Resistance measurement by means of auxiliary electrodes RS and RH x x x x
GPS module x
3 and 4-wire earth resistance measurement x x x x
(Rechargeable) battery operation x x x x
Help function with connection diagrams x x x x
Measurement of interference frequencies x x

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