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Technical Product Support

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In order to be able to offer your customers outstanding services, it is our claim to provide you with professional support. We orientate ourselves by our certified quality standards in order to be always at your side for customer and service orientation.

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  • Age of the software: The cycle of innovation for software is considerably shorter than for hardware. We kindly ask for your understanding that we have to limit our support for software in use to versions not older than 5 years or to the current version in some cases.
  • Installation support on local PC: This service is usually performed by the support group in charge via remote access to your PC via Internet (by means of TeamViewer). Simultaneously, telephone consulation is provided in German or English at the chargeable call number 0900 1 8602 00 (1.49 € per minute).
  • Installation support for networks: Depending on the network conditions, the server platform in use, the number of users and/or cross-linked devices and other factors, the scope of work may be extensive. Please contact our Product Support for Industrial Division on this matter. We will be pleased to submit an offer to you on the basis of a service by remote access.


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Our product support is able to connect directly with your PC in order to assist you in software matters. For this purpose, your PC must have internet access. Communication is simultanously effected via telephone. 

The current TeamViewer version is available for download below.

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