• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer

LA104: What does the error message “Err 096” mean?

What do I need to do when the error message “Err 096” appears at the KONSTANTER?

Rotary encoder blocked, error message “Err 096” appears.

This occurs in combination with a selected “lower” soft limit of UL_L > 0 or IL_L > 0. Due to the fact that a value of “0” is nevertheless permissible for USET or ISET as a special case, the desired setting range can no longer be reached from “0” via the incremental keys [ ] or the incremental rotary encoder. The lower soft limits can be temporarily changed or deleted. However, the easiest way is to directly enter a numeric value (numeric keys) with a jump to a permissible value of > UL_L or > IL_L.

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