• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer

LA103: Starting the KONSTANTER with predefined settings

How can I start my KONSTANTER with predefined settings?

POWER-ON with predefined settings (SETUP)

If the device needs to be started up with predefined settings after “POWER-ON” regardless of the current operating state before it was switched off, this can be specified via a selected SETUP memory location (e.g. “05”). As a prerequisite, the “POWER_ON R05” parameter must be set before the device is switched off. The desired start-up configuration including all parameters must first be selected and transferred to setup memory in the usual manner with “SAVE 5” or the “*SAV 5”command. It must be assured that “POWER_ON R05” is included in the stored parameters record!

Dialogue, Information and Actions: