• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer

LA101: Determining firmware version and engineering revision level

How can I determine the firmware version and the engineering revision level?

eference is frequently made to the firmware version or the engineering revision level in the operating instructions and other documentation.

  • During the start-up sequence, the hardware and software release versions appear briefly (for about 1 second) at the display.
    Example: “rEL” “02.004”, where “02”stands for the hardware version and “004” for the software version.
  • As long as the device is switched on, a corresponding display can be accessed via the menu:
    [MENU] “SEtUP dEViCE”, [<] “AUX”, [ENTER] “InFo”, [>] “VErSi”, [ENTER] “rEL” “02.004”
  • The hardware and firmware versions can be queried via the interface using the “*IDN?” interrogation command.
  • If the Soft Front Panel (SFP) is used for the SYSKON KONSTANTER, the hardware and software release versions are displayed automatically in the “SYSTEM” window.

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