• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer

MM008: METRAHit 29S and Power Disturbance Recording

Incorrect trigger and memory settings frequently lead to problems when recording power disturbances with the METRAHIT 29S and METRAwin10 software.

Procedures and examples for successful recording of power disturbances are included below. Please pass these examples along to customers if required. They will also be included with METRAwin10 as sample programs in the future.

  1. Load the Test2.mdp file to the METRAHIT 29S via the BD232 adapter with the help of MWin10 in the Settings menu under Device. This assures that the trigger is set correctly. Always keep this file on hand so that it can be reloaded in case incorrect settings are entered! The customer can easily derive other settings from this file, and save them as a personalized *.mdp parameters file.
  2. Set the rotary selector switch to Vac+dc.
  3. Repeatedly press the yellow function key until "Stored" appears at the bottom left after "Events".
  4. Connect the instrument to the mains (can also be connected previously).
  5. If you now simultaneously activate the two outermost keys (enter and Esc), the trigger is activated. When "MEM" blinks at the display, visual confirmation is provided that the instrument is actually waiting for an event. When TRIG is displayed, the trigger has been tripped.
  6. First wiggle the mains connection a bit in order to generate an error. Error messages and their corresponding consecutive numbers appear at the bottom of the device display.
  7. The measurement is ended by once again activating the two outermost keys.
  8. Transmit MDM to the computer via the BD232 adapter and evaluate. Our Test2.mdm is an example of this sort which has been saved in expanded format as Test2.MDF.

Download file Test2.zip contains: TEST2.MDF, TEST2.MDM, TEST2.MDP

I hope that this has clarified matters, and that you will be able to acquire the events which are of interest to you!

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