• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer

PG001: USB-RS232 COM-Converter

Problem: New PCs are no longer equipped with COM ports – they only have USB ports.

You’ll need an RS 232 – USB adapter, for example our Z501L.

Install the driver required for this adapter from the included CD ROM. Follow the instruction which appear at the screen, or which are provided in the included user instructions.

Attention! If you have several adapters or if your colleagues use adapters of the same type, always use the adapter with which installation was executed. It’s advisable to mark the appropriate adapter for identification to this end. Each adapter has a unique ID number which is queried when it’s plugged into the PC. If another adapter is plugged into your PC (even if it’s the same type), the PC recognizes it as a new device and you’ll have to install and configure the driver again.

After completing installation, check to see which COM port has been entered to the USB adapter’s configuration. Click system in the control panel to this end, and then open the device manager.

Click ports (COM and LPT) and check to see which interface the USB serial port has been assigned to. Use this setting in the PC program with which you will work.


If a COM port has been selected with which your program is unable to work, for example COM7, double click the entry.


Click port settings and then advanced.

Select a COM port which can be selected with your PC program. It doesn’t matter if a COM port is identified as occupied; this will be changed automatically..

Dialogue, Information and Actions: