• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer

Installation routine does not finish or problems occur after installation.

Preliminary note:

Always backup your database before updating in order to prevent data loss.

Isolated errors may occur while installing IZYTRONIQ, for example "Failed. See logfiles for details":


If this is the case, close the installation procedure and restart IZYTRONIQ by pressing [shift] + [right-click] and then selecting "Run as administrator":


If error code “0x80070570” is displayed, observe FAQ PG816 as well.

If installation still cannot be completed or if problems occur after updating, reinstall IZYTRONIQ:

  • First uninstall IZYTRONIQ and IZYIONIQ via Settings -> “Apps & features”, but retain the license and the database:


  • Download the latest IZYTRONIQ installation file from izytron.com.
  • Execute the installation file by pressing [shift] + [right-click] and then selecting "Run as administrator".

(If you don’t have administrator rights for your PC, please contact the responsible IT department).

If problems persist, please contact our Technischen Support team.

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