• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer

PG804: Database Import into the Current IZYTRONIQ Enterprise Version

There are several different ways to save data from IZYTRONIQ:

  • Data export in CSV format
  • Data export in XLM format
  • Database backup in ZIP format

Data import via CSV and XML file works without any problems for all versions of IZYTRONIQ.

However, if you’re using the current IZYTRONIQ Enterprise version, it’s not readily possible to import a database backup (ZIP) from outdated Business or Education versions. If database backups need to be available for the latest Enterprise variant, they first have to be converted to the latest version using a Business or Education variant. This procedure is described below step by step.

1. Make sure that the two IZYTRONIQ applications have an identical software version.
2. Start the Business or Education version.
3. If a database already exists and you still need it, back it up!
4. Now restore (import) the respective database.
5. Back up the database again.

The database backup has now been converted to the correct version and can be easily transferred to the current Enterprise variant. If the problem occurs with other databases, repeat the procedure beginning with step 3 for all required databases.

Datenbankimport (ZIP) in die aktuelle Izytroniq-Enterprise-Version

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