• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer

PG802: Importing CSV Files to IZYTRONIQ

In order to import a CSV file to IZYTRONIQ software, the file has to comply with a specific format.
An “empty” file is exported first, which can then be filled in and reimported.
The procedure is described below step by step.

Generating a Correct Excel Spreadsheet:

1. In IZYTRONIQ, go to [Portable Objects] -> [Enter, Change, Lists].

2. Click [Add Element] and then add a [Customer] and a [Device] to the database.

3. Click [Portable Objects] -> [Export].

4. Select a [CSV File] and a memory location, and then acknowledge by clicking Export.

Import von CSV-Dateien in Izytroniq

5. Select the newly created customer and click [Export to CSV File].

Filling the CSV File with Master Data:

Please observe information included in the following FAQ: PG803: Correct editing of the CSV file in Excel.

1. Open the newly created CSV file. [CustomerID] must appear as the value in table cell A1.

2. Now fill in the CSV file with your master data.

Please comply with the following syntax:

DeviceType: The following values are required here:
"Normal" For portable devices
"Medical" For medical objects which are not tested in accordance with VDE 0701-0702


LastTestingDate: Please enter only one date in the following format: DD.MM.YYYY
LastTestingResult: A value of “passed” or “NotPassed” is entered.
TestingInterval: A number is entered which specifies the number of months (e.g. “12”)
IsActive: A value of “True” or “False” is entered.

Mandatory entries include: 
CustomerID, DeviceType, ID and Designation

3. Save: Click “Save as” and select the following file type: CSV(MS-DOS)(*.csv).


Import von CSV-Dateien in Izytroniq

Note: If leading zeros are included in your ID numbers, please make sure that all cells are formatted as TEXT – otherwise the leading zeros will be removed after saving.

Importing the Finished CSV File:

1. Open IZYTRONIQ and click [Portable Objects] -> [Import].

2. Choose[From File] and select the saved CSV file.

Make sure that the Excel spreadsheet is not open!

3. Click [Import].


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