• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer

RE103: Heating Circuit Monitoring

Heating Circuit Monitoring - what does it mean?

As opposed to heating current monitoring, for which an external current transformer must be connected, heating circuit monitoring is used to determine whether or not the heating circuit is OK without the use of additional hardware.

With a manipulated value of 100% (heat continuously on), temperature rise is evaluated relative to controller parameters. If temperature rise is inadequate, or if the temperature actually drops, a heating circuit error has occurred. Errors of this type can be caused by an interruption in the actuator (e.g. a contactor) or the heater winding, or even a sensor which is dangling in the air.

This function can be activated for the R2400, R2500, R2600/2601, R2700, R2900 and R6000 controllers.

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