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SPL 350-30

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Item number: K855A

Programmable Electronic Loads, Power: 350 W, Voltage: 0...200 V DC, Current: 0...30 A

SPL series electronic loads are high-precision direct current sinks for use in research, product development, production, service and vocational training.

  • SPL 350-30
  • SPL 350-30
  • SPL 350-30
  • Technical characteristics

    Four types are available with 200 until 400 W input power. The devices are distinguished by a diverse range of functions and excellent regulating accuracy, as well as outstanding ease of operation.

    • 4 operating modes: constant current, constant voltage, constant load and constant power
    • High-speed sequence and transient measurement, short-circuit proof, battery discharging and other auxiliary functions
    • Minimum operating voltage is less than 0.6 V (80 V models)
    • or 1.2 V (200 V models) at maximum current load
    • Programmable current rise and fall time, steep edges
    • Several groups of parameters (device settings) and sequences (load profile) can be saved and retrieved.
    • Floating power input / no grounding
    • Safe electrical separation
    • Input can be switched on and off
    • Voltage or current control is possible with constant power
    • Settings selected by means of a rotary switch and keypad
    • Multifunctional LCD panel
    • Safety functions, amongst others adjustable power limiting
    • Benchtop instrument, also suitable for mounting to a 19" rack

    • Typ SPL350-30
    • Article No. K855A
    • Front panel load input 1
    • Power W 350
    • Current 0 - 30 A
    • Voltage 0 - 200 VDC
    • Resolution in the operating mode: Constant current from 0,1 mA / Constant voltage 1 mV / Constant load ab 0,1 mOhm / Constant power 10 mW
    • Supply voltage 115 / 230 VAC 50 / 60 Hz
    • Dimensions W/H/D (mm) Approx. 215 / 100 / 350
    • Weight with rubber cover Approx. 6 kg



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