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Item number: SECU-Up

Firmware update for the SECUTEST series

  • Firmware update for the SECUTEST series

Data can be read out from the SECUTEST and simple reports can be generated.

The software includes:

  • Updated device software resulting from further development
  • Language selection for operating and help menus
    - Included languages: D, GB, F, I, E, NL, CZ (Secutest S2N+W: English only)
  • Updating of optional device functions – only if enabled, enabling of options only after purchasing an enabling code
    - IEC 601 test sequence, IEC 601 Z853G (not for Secutest S2N+W)
    - DBmed database, Z853H - SK5 remote control auto-point, Z745K
    - SECU-dd direct printing, Z853L
    - Firmware updates Z713C, Z713D, Z713E, see below
  • Free if the test instrument includes version 7.0 or higher. Simply download the software and install it to this end.
  • For a fee if you send you instruments to GMC-I Service GmbH. Additional work is executed here by means of an upgrade. Replacement of wearing parts if required (e.g. relays, lock, keys, handle), after which your instrument is fully up to date. Balancing and final inspection in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. This also applies to instruments with older versions. Send your instrument to the our service department, in which case you can also arrange to have it calibrated if necessary. Just ask our service department for a calibration appointment.


  • For all SECULIFE ST and
  • For all SECUTEST SIII..., SIII+..., -SII+...: use version 7.xx, article number Z713C
  • For all SECUTEST S2N+ and S2N+10: use version 8.xx, article number Z713D
  • For all SECUTEST S2N+W: use version 9.xx, article number Z713E
  • These firmware updates are not for SECUTEST SII, DC, med, SECUTEST 0701 or SECUTEST 0701/0702S


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