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Item number: Z525F

Test Adapter for Electric Charging Points (single/3-phase, type 2) for PROFITEST

Single and 3-phase test adapter with type 2 plug for testing the effectiveness of protective measures at electric charging points with the Profitest Master. Simulation of fictitiously connected electric vehicles and simulation of current-carrying capacity per IEC 61851-1. Extended CP test pin for testing charging points with permanently attached charging cable.
  • Test Adapter for Electric Charging Points (single/3-phase, type 2) for PROFITEST

  • Vehicle simulation (CP)
    Vehicle states A through E are selected with a rotary switch.
  • Cable simulation (PP)
    The various codings for charging cables with 13, 20, 32 and 63 A, as well as “no cable connected”, can be simulated with the help of a rotary switch.
  • Fault simulation
    Simulation of a short-circuit between CP and PE by means of a rotary switch
  • Indication of phase voltages via LEDs
    Depending on the charging station, either one or three phases can be active.
  • Testing of electric charging stations with permanently attached charging cable by means of an extended CP test pin

For vehicle simulation (CP): States A, B, C and E can be simulated in accordance with IEC 61851. The various vehicle states are selected by means of a rotary switch.

  • State A – no vehicle connected
  • State B – vehicle connected, but not ready for charging
  • State C – vehicle connected and ready for charging, venting of the charging area not required
  • State E – error: Short circuit between CP and PE via internal diode

Regarding cable simulation (PP): The various codings for charging cables with 13, 20, 32 and 63 A can be simulated. It’s also possible to simulate the “no cable” state.

The various charging cables are simulated by connecting different resistances between PP and PE with the help of a rotary switch. The following values are possible in accordance with IEC 61851:

  • No cable – 0 Ω
  • 13 A cable – 1.5 kΩ
  • 20 A cable – 680 Ω
  • 32 A cable – 220 Ω
  • 63 A cable – 100 Ω


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