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Item number: M273S

Multimeter and Milliohmmeter, Insulation Measuring Instrument, Coil Tester and Data Logger - all-in-one

Well suited for service and diagnostics for electric machines and systems, in electric machinery manufacturing and in aviation technology as well as for test and measurment in laboratories and test fields.
  • Multimeter and Milliohmmeter, Insulation Measuring Instrument, Coil Tester and Data Logger - all-in-one
  • Multimeter and Milliohmmeter, Insulation Measuring Instrument, Coil Tester and Data Logger - all-in-one
  • Multimeter and Milliohmmeter, Insulation Measuring Instrument, Coil Tester and Data Logger - all-in-one

An all-in-one instrument with 30,000 digits: milliohmmeter, multimeter, data logger, insulation resistance tester and coil tester.

Compact and multifunctional for use in the field: can be used advantageously in aircraft cockpits as well as in other constricted spaces, which would otherwise require the use of several individual instruments.

Product Highlights

  • Milliohm measurement using 4-wire connection (Kelvin measurement) with 200 mA or 1 A
  • Insulation tester with test voltage from 10 to 1000 V
  • Coil test with 1000 V test voltage

Your advantages

  • Safety-relevant tests for electric devices, drives and installations with a single field instrument
  • Testing of high-voltage systems in accordance with UN ECE R100
  • Insulation resistance measurement per EN 61557-2 / VDE 0413-2
  • Rlow installation testing per EN 61557-4 / VDE 0413-4
  • Bonding test and equipotential bonding measurement, e.g. on aircraft outer skins (lightning protection, wick test)


The multimeter is a portable, extremely rugged instrument designed for use in the field. It’s suitable for maintenance, service and diagnostics at electric machines, drive units and systems, for example in automotive, avionics, energy and automation applications.

The all-in-one instrument combines an insulation tester, a milliohmmeter, a coil short-circuit tester and a universal multimeter. It’s ideal for safety testing and diagnostics at electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as all types of electric machines.

In combination with an optional coil test adapter, it permits to check coils for interturn short-circuits.
  • Technical characteristics
    • Insulation resistance measurement up to 3.1 GΩ with interference voltage detection, test voltages: 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 V per EN 61557-2 / VDE 0413-2
    • DAR: PI:
    • 4-wire milliohm measurement with Kelvin connection and 200 mA or 1 A measuring current for precise measurement of extremely small resistances with a resolution of 1
    • 2-wire Rlow measurement with 200 mA test current per EN 61557-4 / VDE 0413-4
    • Short-circuited coil measurement
    • Multifunctional instrument
    • TRMS AC / AC+DC measurement for current/voltage up to 10/100 kHz
    • AC, AC+DC low-pass filter
    • Direct current measurement
    • Current measurement with clamp sensors: The transformation ratio can be adjusted with the CLIP from 1:1 to 1:1000 and is taken into account in the amperage display.
    • Capacitance measurement
    • Precision temperature measurement – °C, °F for RTD and TC-K sensors
    • Diode measurement (Kflow up to 5.1 V) and continuity testing
    • Acoustic signals
    • Acquisition of min./max. values, DATA Hold
    • Data logger thanks to integrated memory module and real-time clock, for individual measurements as well
    • The push/print function transfers measured values to application software by simply pressing a key
    • Programmable sequences for test routines
    • METRALOG APP for Android OS
    • Color graphic display
    • Modular power supply: standard quick-change rechargeable lithium battery and optional mains module with USB port, change without interrupting the measuring circuit thanks to patented touch-protected module socket
    • Automatic blocking sockets (ABS) for the current input
    • Test probe with START (ISO) and STORE keys
    • Housing with IP 52 protection, dust and splash protected, replaceable rubber holster
    • Bluetooth integrated, USB with optional mains module
    • IZYTRONIQ Windows software for documentation, preparation of test reports and graphic evaluation of measurements
  • Particularities

    All-in-one instrument:

    • Multimeter, insulation tester and milliohmmeter
    • 4-wire milliohm measurement in a handheld instrument with 200 mA and 1 A
    • Handheld instrument for field use with short-circuited coil detection at 1 kV
    • Interfaces: Bluetooth, WIFI and USB
    • METRALOG APP for Android OS
      Live display, recording and evaluation of momentary measured values
    • Including DAkkS calibration certificate



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