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Item number: M535H

Measuring and Test Instrument for Testing the Effectiveness of Protective Measures at Stationary Electrical Installations After Installation, Repair or Expansion, and for Periodic Testing (DGUV regulation 3)

The PROFITEST MF XTRA provides all measuring and test functions for testing the effectiveness of protective measures at stationary electrical installations – with predefined, or optionally with programmable test sequences which are required in accordance with test standards IEC 60364-6 (DIN VDE 0100-600) and EN 50110-1 (DIN VDE 0105-100). Measuring category: 300 V CAT IV / 600 V CAT III.
  • Measuring and Test Instrument for Testing the Effectiveness of Protective Measures at Stationary Electrical Installations After Installation, Repair or Expansion, and for Periodic Testing (DGUV regulation 3)

The PROFITEST MF XTRA makes your investment decision easy because it’s the ideal test instrument for your routine daily work – day after day – thanks to the scope of functions for professional electricians which is perfectly matched to your requirements. Test report generation is quick and easy thanks to optimized operation and the practical memory concept. You save time with every measurement and you’re able to complete more measurements each day. Furthermore, once a system structure has been created it can be used for all PROFITEST instruments. As a result, all employees conduct testing in exactly the same way. And with the PROFITEST service guarantee, you can be sure that your test instrument will still be up to date even 10 years down the road.

Product Highlights

  • Context-sensitive color graphic display
  • Measuring and test sequence – easy setup of the system structure / measuring and storage / report generation
  • Preconfigured and user programmable test sequences for testing electric systems quickly
  • Storage concept for up to 50,000 data records
  • Testing of all up-to-date AC/DC sensitive RCDs, RDC-DDs and RCMBs
  • User safety thanks to PE detection when using finger contact
  • Forward-looking connectivity

Your advantages

PROFITEST – Versatile and Future-Proof

  • Intuitive operation
  • Efficient work
  • Standards-compliant testing
  • Legally secure documentation

PROFITEST – Saves Time and Money

  • A single test instrument for a broad range of applications
  • All measurements without any bothersome replugging of the measurement cables
  • Can be used all over the world thanks to language selection

PROFITEST – Even 10 Years Down the Road

  • Future-proof thanks to firmware updates
  • 10-year service guarantee
  • DAkkS certificate issued by own calibration laboratory
  • User support for questions about testing

PROFITEST – Quick and Easy Report Generation

  • Cascadable, future-proof software concept
  • Modern data management by means of customer and measurement data administration
  • Creation of system structures – from the system all the way down to the measuring points
  • Quick and easy generation of a legally secure report per ZVEH

PROFITEST – Reliable Measuring and Testing

  • Easy operation with rotary switch
  • Predefined test sequences for structured testing
  • On-site help thanks to help function with wiring diagrams
  • Measuring category: 600 V CAT III / 300 V CAT IV
  • 4-wire measuring method – no compensation of the measurement cables is required


Testing of the effectiveness of protective measures at stationary electrical installations per IEC 60364-6 (DIN VDE 0100-600), EN 50110-1 (DIN VDE 0105-100), machines per EN 60204-1 (VDE 0113-1) and other country-specific standards Testing of electric charging points per EN 61851-1 (DIN VDE 0122-1), and earth measurements
  • Technical characteristics
    • Broad-range measuring device for all alternating and 3-phase electrical systems with voltages from 65 to 500 V and frequencies of 15.4 to 420 Hz
    • Loop and line impedance measurement with DC bias magnetization
    • Measurement of insulation resistance using nominal voltage, with variable or rising test voltage
    • Low-resistance measurement with automatic polarity reversal
    • Testing of residual current devices and special RCCBs (selective S, SRCDs, PRCDs, Schukomat, Sidos, types G/R, AC, A, A-EV, F, F-EV, B, B+ and B-MI)
    • Testing of RCCBs in IT systems
    • Testing of RDC-DDs per IEC 62955 and RCMBs per DIN EN 62752
    • Testing of insulation monitoring devices (IMDs)
    • Testing of residual current monitoring devices (RCMs)
    • Measurement of earth resistance (mains/battery operation)
    • Leakage current measurement with PRO-AB adapter
    • Standards-compliant testing of charging stations per IEC 61851-1 in combination with the Metraline PRO-TYP EM test adapter
    • Testing of type S and K PRCDs with the PROFITEST PRCD
    • Residual voltage measurement per EN 60204-1
    • Automatic test sequence function
    • USB port
    • USB push-print function – transmission of the measured value after measurement
  • Particularities

    Context-Sensitive Color Graphic Display

    Innovative, Global Operating Concept

    • Quick access to measuring and test functions via rotary switch and softkeys


    • No time-consuming replugging of the measurement cables is required

    Modern Data Management

    • Comprehensive data management concept in combination with user software including customer and measurement data administration, test sequences, report generation and more

    Unique Storage Concept

    • Creation of system structures – customers, systems, machines, distributors, RCDs, electrical circuits, earth electrodes, equipotential bonding rails, operating equipment and individual measuring points

    Push-Print Function

    • Transmission of the measured value via USB after measurement has been completed

    Test Sequences

    • Preparation of individual test sequences for quick and reliable testing of electric equipment

    Forward-Looking Connectivity

    • Bidirectional data exchange (USB), connection of a barcode scanner, USB push-print function



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