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Item number: MasterUpdater

Firmware update for PROFITEST MASTER range and SECULIFE SR

The layout used for the entire range of PROFITEST MASTER and SECULIFE SR test instruments makes it possible to adapt instrument software to the latest standards and regulations. Beyond this, suggestions from customers result in continuous improvement of the test instrument software, as well as new functions.

  • Firmware update for PROFITEST MASTER range and SECULIFE SR

In order to assure that you can take advantage of all of these benefits without delay, the MASTER Updater allows you to quickly and completely update your test instrument software on-site. 

The MASTER Updater includes current firmware for:

the MASTER Updater itself / 01.24.00 / 7 August 2015
Test Instrument / Firmware Version / Release Date
PROFITEST MBASE, MTECH / 02.21.00 / 15 July 2015
MPRO, MXTRA, Edition / 01.16.00 / 13 October 2014
SECULIFE SR / 01.11.00 / 26 May 2015

PROFITEST MBASE, MTECH with firmware version 2.21 – what’s new?

Changelog for PROFITEST MBASE, MTECH with firmware version 02.21.00

  • Optimization of manufacturing process, PROFITEST

Changelog for PROFITEST MBASE, MTECH with firmware version 02.20.00

  • Loop measurement with additional electrical circuit characteristics (factors)
  • RINS conductor relationship entry L+N-PE
  • RCD type EV implemented
  • Sequence can also be started from the database 

Changelog for PROFITEST MXTRA with firmware version 01.16.00

  • Optimization of measuring current for ZL-PE
  • Optimization of the RINS measurement for capacitive loads
  • Testing of type EV RCDs, ramp slope adjusted
  • Measured value storage before touch voltage test
  • Barcode error renamed to barcode defect
  • Expansion: Profitest MTECH+, MBASE+, Edition

Changelog for PROFITEST MXTRA with firmware version 01.15.00

  • EXTRA function – test sequence with manual evaluation for Profitest PRCD
  • EXTRA function – E-Mobility – test sequence with manual evaluation for test instruments from Mennekes/Walther/Hensel
  • EXTRA function – IMD now with time measurement and tripping detection including option for subsequent storage – restart can also be specified
  • RCD type EV (6 mA)
  • Barcodes can be entered via COM_PC USERINPUT
  • Ik display at Z from 0.1 to 9.9 with one decimal place (nominal values in the ETC selection list analogously as well)
  • R LO – ramp for testing varistors (e.g. PRCD type K)
  • Expansion of the short-circuit factors
  • R INS – function L+N => PE expanded
  • Test sequence can be started from the database

MASTER Updater – System Requirements

The user interface can be set to English or German.

Operating system / software
- Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 (32/64 Bit)
- Microsoft .NET Framework as of version 4.0
- Optional: .NET language pack

PC hardware
- 1.6 GHz processor, 256 MB RAM
- VGA monitor with minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels
- Hard disk with at least 26 MB available memory capacity
- USB port

The current version can be downloaded for free from myGMC.


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