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Item number: 760-

Transmitter with a contact free, capacitive sensor system for the acquisition of the angular position of a shaft.


  • Transmitter with a contact free, capacitive sensor system for the acquisition of the angular position of a shaft.

KINAX 2W2 is a compact, programmable transmitter for angular position for installation in devices and apparatus. Due to its unique capacitive measuring principle, it acquires the angular position of a shaft without contact and virtually reactionless, and converts the same into an impressed direct current proportional to the measured value. The easy assembly via synchronous flange or flange adapter, the variety of connection options and free parameterising offer the highest degree of quality and flexibility in application and installation.

  • Technical characteristics

    The output is a load-independent DC current signal of 4...20 mA proportional to the measured value.

    • Patented contact free capacitive sensor system
    • Measuring range, direction of rotation, characteristic, switching point and other additional functions programmed using PC / Simplifies project planning and engineering, short delivery times, low stocks
    • Measuring range of angle of rotation: 0...10 to 0...50 or 0...50 to 0...350°
    • Measuring output (output/powering circuit) in two-wire connection (4...20 mA signal)
    • Very low torque (< 0.001 Ncm, with 2 mm shaft)
    • Advantage: The shaft can be rotated practically without any reaction effects and is therefore not a «load» on the connected devices.
    • Compact size, only 48 mm diameter
    • Advantage: it can be installed anywhere (OEM)
    • Type of protection "Intrinsically safe" Ex ia IIC T6 / Can be mounted within the hazardous area
    • Simulation of measured values / The testing of the subsequent device chain is already possible during the installation phase
    • Measured value acquisition / Display of the instantaneous value and a trend graph of the measured value on the screen
    • Adjustment / Independent fine adjustment of the analog output, zero position and measuring range
    • Characteristic of the output value / Programmable as a linear, V-characteristic, or any characteristic curve
    • The shaft can be turned through a full 360°
    • Serial interface


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