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Item number: S104ZZ

Database software with report editor and barcode generator for managing equipment, machines, systems and medical devices. Version for basic and further training.

  • Database software with report editor and barcode generator for managing equipment, machines, systems and medical devices. Version for basic and further training.

Database software for managing equipment, machines, systems and medical devices in combination with locations using a double tree structure, as well as for managing inspectors, test instruments, catalogs and sequences. This version permits bidirectional data exchange with test instruments as well as a push-print function.

The report editor can be used to individualize test report templates, save reports as Word and PDF files, insert a company logo and signatures and freely edit reports with Microsoft Word. The included barcode generator supports Profiscan, prints labels and generates a report content checksum as a QR code within the report.

The overall package is rounded out by extended test functions with manual entry of measured values, extended documentation options such as the inclusion of photos and documents, and a remote control function for connected test instruments.


Product Highlights

Education Professional

  • Stationary objects (machines and systems)
  • Portable objects (equipment and medical devices)
  • Tree structure for machines and systems
  • Tree structure for equipment and medical devices
  • Tree structure for locations (properties, buildings, floors and rooms)
  • Push-print
  • Test instrument management
  • User administration
  • Sequence management and sequence editor
  • Catalog management and editing
  • Universal report as PDF file
  • List generator (PDF, Excel)
  • Individualized report template generation with Microsoft Word
  • Company logo integratable into report
  • Scanned signature integratable into report
  • Barcode generator
  • PROFISCAN list generator
  • Remote function
  • Manual entry of measured values
  • Images/photos integratable into test reports
  • Document management
  • MULTI changes
  • Dashboard function in home screen
  • Quick links
  • Analysis and trend indication for identical tests conducted on a given object
  • Global statistics with failure rate as percentage as PDF printout

Education Premium (in addition to Business Professional)

  • Role and rights management for users
  • Window designer and data field editor for individualizing the application

Your advantages

  • IZYTRONIQ is newly developed test software with which the entire testing scenario can be visualized, managed and documented in an audit-proof, instrument-independent fashion.
  • IZYTRONIQ offers a modern report layout based on Microsoft Word which permits quick and easy automated generation of highly professional reports, tables, graphics and documents using any desired current data.
  • Thanks to its modular design, IZYTRONIQ can be adapted to the customer’s actual needs. If requirements for your test management system become more extensive, IZYTRONIQ can be subsequently expanded as desired.
  • The user interface was developed in keeping with the principle of quick and easy acquisition of complex structures.
  • IZYTRONIQ automatically detects and manages interconnected test instruments and queries their available scope of functions.
  • The synchronization of memory structures and measured values has been greatly simplified by means of intelligent test data import and export.


The IZYTRONIQ EDUCATION PROFESSIONELL variant has been specially developed for use in basic and further training facilities.

Version overview IZYTRONIQ

IZYTRONIQ was developed for use in industrial and trade operations with their own electrical departments, for vocational and further training, and for service and repair applications in the electrical trades.
  • Technical characteristics

    Minimum Requirements:

    Minimum software components:
    Operating system: Windows 10 Version 1809
    .NET Framework 4.6.1*

    Minimum  hardware components:
    CPU: Duocore i3 > 3.4 GHz (only x86 and x64-Processors are supported)
    RAM: ≥ 4 GB 
    Hard disk: at least 4 GB available memory (depending on data volume) 
    Resolution: 1280 x 800

    Recommended software components:
    Operating system: Windows 10 Version 1909
    .NET Framework 4.6.1* Hardware

    Recommended hardware components:
    CPU: Quad Core i7 2.8 GHz (only x86 and x64-Processors are supported)
    RAM: ≥ 8 GB
    Hard disk: at least 4 GB available memory (depending on data volume)
    Resolution: 1920 x 1080 – Touchscreen and active pen

Product videos


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