• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer


Multifunctional measuring device for network parameters

  • SIRAX BM1250

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The measurement is designed for 1- or 3-phase networks with 2-, 3- or 4-wire connections and are used to safely monitor the electrical distribution. The measured values are displayed on the generous LCD display. The device (96x96mm) has two optional outputs that can be configured as a pulse output for energy measurement, limit output, timer function or relay output. An RS485 interface with Modbus / RTU is also available.

  • The device can be operated very easily via 3 pushbuttons
  • With its large, backlit LCD display, the measured data is very easy to read
  • The User Assignable Screens feature lets you define 1 to 10 on-screen displays out of 28 screens
  • Easy, flexible and quick installation thanks to Easy Clip or mounting brackets
  • Variety of functions for measuring voltage, current, power, energy and quality
  • Various relay functions integrated (pulse output for energy measurement, limit value output, timer function, RTC relay output)
  • Built-in 8MB Flash Datalogger (event logging, time logging, load profile logger)
  • On-site configuration (configuration via pushbuttons, USB interface or via RS485 / Modbus RTU possible)
  • Easy integration into higher-level systems through open communication via Modbus RTU
  • RS485 interface with Modbus / RTU protocol
  • Can be integrated as a standard object in the SMARTCOLLECT software
  • Password protects against unauthorized modification of programming and configurations
  • No password given from factory default side

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