• Gossen Metrawatt
  • Camille Bauer

Version overview IZYTRONIQ

Only buy what you actually need

  • Imagine test software that does exactly what you want – no more and no less!
  • Thanks to its modular design, IZYTRONIQ can be adapted to your actual requirements.
  • You simply purchase the software package you need.
  • If requirements for your test management system become more extensive, IZYTRONIQ can be subsequently expanded as desired.
  • The customer only pays the difference in price between the two versions!
  Business Enterprise
Functions Starter Advanced Professional1 Premium1 Premium2 Ultimate3
Stationary objects (machines and systems)
Portable objects (equipment and medical devices)
Tree structure for machines and systems
Tree structure for equipment and medical devices
Tree structure for locations (properties, buildings, floors and rooms)
Test instrument management
User administration
Sequence management and sequence editor
Catalog management and editing
Universal report as PDF file
List generator (PDF, Excel)
Individualized report template generation with Microsoft Word®  
Company logo integratable into report  
Scanned signature integratable into report  
Barcode generator  
PROFISCAN list generator  
Remote function    
Manual entry of measured values    
Images/photos integratable into test reports    
Document management    
MULTI changes    
Dashboard function in home screen    
Quick links    
Analysis and trend indication for identical tests conducted on a given object    
Global statistics with failure rate as percentage as PDF printout    
Role and rights management for users      
Window designer and data field editor for individualizing the application      
Network-compatibility – connection to an external MS SQL database (server)          
Multi-user operation as floating license model          
Data replication (reconciliation of mobile data)
only in combination with Enterprise Premium
Article Number S101V S102V S103V S105V S107E S109E
      Professional Premium  
      S104V S106V  


1 Scope of functions is identical to Education Professional (S104V) and Education Premium (S106V) versions
2 Scope of functions is identical to the Premium Cloud version
3 Prerequisite for use: at least one ENTERPRISE Premium license


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