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Terms and Conditions of Delivery

For all products delivered and all services rendered by GOSSEN METRAWATT apply:

  • Terms and Conditions of Delivery

    The "General Conditions for the Supply of Products and Services of the Electrical and Electronics Industry" apply to all products delivered and all services.


  • Guarantee Conditions

    Unless otherwise specified in the sales documentation for the product, the guarantee period for all Gossen Metrawatt products is 1 year after date of delivery.

    Exceptions with a different guarantee period apply to the following products:

    Designation Material Number Term
    Konstanter Syskon K346A, K346A-S001
    K347A, K347A-S001
    K353A, K353A-S001
    K363A, K363A-S001
    K364A, K364A-S001
    K364A-S002, K384A
    2 years
    690 V power clamp R450A 2 years
    Duspol M611D, M611E, M611F 2 years
    Multimeters (for Deutsche Telekom AG) M246T, M246U 5 years

    METRACELL BT Pro battery tester

    B100B 2 years
    MAVOWATT series power disturbance analyzers (Mavowatt 20, 30, 40, 70 and all newer types) M810A, M817A, M817B
    M816A, M817C, M820A
    M820B, M820C
    3 years
    Meters, controllers, A2000,
    Smartcontrol, load optimizing systems
      3 years
    Summators U160x, U1604 plus Erweiterungsmodule 3 years
    All METRAHIT digital multimeters   3 years
    METRALINE digital multimeters
    DM 41/61/62
    M192A, M194A, M197A 3 years
    IM E-DRIVE and sets
    (the guarantee period is extended to 5 years after registering free of charge with myGMC)
    M272S, M273S, M274S, M227T 3 years

    2-year extension
    Camille Bauer   3 years

    The guarantee covers verifiable defects with regard to materials and workmanship. Fuses, batteries, manuals and mechanical components which are subject to normal wear and tear are excluded. Furthermore, the guarantee covers neither failure or damage caused by improper use, use which does not comply with the product specifications, negligence, tampering, accident or abnormal operating conditions, nor consequential costs of any sort. No guarantee coverage is provided for products with broken seals or products which have been opened up.

    The manufacturer’s guarantee applies to third party products.

    Revision level: October 2021

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