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Environmental Protection

In addition to economic success, the quality of our products, work safety and health protection, we commit ourselves to an environmental policy which is targeted at lasting improvement in the field of environmental protection.

Implementation of our environmental policy is based upon the following guiding principles, which are associated with appropriately selected goals:

Environmental Policy per DIN EN ISO 14001 at GOSSEN METRAWATT Guiding Principles

  • Environmental goals:

    We update our environmental goals on a regular basis in order to reduce the consumption of resources and protect the environment by means of continuous improvement.
  • Environmentally friendly transport:

    We use 100% climate-neutral shipping for our products.
  • Suppliers:

    Suppliers are integrated into our environmental policy and obligated to implement it, and they’re selected accordingly.
  • Efficient use of resources:

    We avoid environmental pollution and ensure that resources are used as efficiently as possible. Environmental aspects are consistently taken into consideration during the entire product lifecycle.
  • Environmental impact:

    Our customers are informed about the environmental impact of our products.
  • Environmental law:

    We adhere to all applicable requirements stipulated by environmental legislation and double check for correct adherence on a regular basis.


WEEE Policy at GOSSEN METRAWATT - Registration, Identification, Take back

Registered Supplier

As a registered supplier Gossen Metrawatt GmbH undertakes to co-operate effectively with the national WEEE Clearing Agencies set up all over the European Union (in Germany: EAR), with these national WEEE authorities; the same applies to the national collection systems within the EU.Our WEEE registration number: DE 72794336

Manufacturer Identification

Our devices bear the registered company logo protected by copyright - as shown.


Device Identification

for all devices subject to WEEE as from 13/8/2005
The date of manufacture is established by the serial number and/or is indicated on the labels of GOSSEN METRAWATT products:


Fertigungsjahr 1. Stelle Fertigungsmonat 2. Stelle
2010 U Jan A
2011 V Feb B
2012 W Mar C
2013 X Apr D
2014 Y May E
2015 Z Jun F
2016 A Jul G
2017 B Aug H
2018 C Sep I
2019 D Oct J
2020 E Nov K
    Dez L


Take Back

of all devices subject to WEEE at the end of their life cycle (WEEE Product Category 9: monitoring and control instruments)


WEEE - EU Directive 2012/19/EU on Old Electrical and Electronic Devices

Directive 2012/19/EU is aimed at avoiding the waste of electrical and electronic devices.

Another objective is to promote the recycling, reuse or other exploitation of such devices.

The manufacturer must take all the necessary precautions for the collection, treatment and utilization of those devices sold from 13th August, 2005 onwards and listed in Appendix IA of the WEEE Directive.

The German government has summarized the directives under the Elektro- und Elektronikgerätegesetz (ElektroG) (German Electrical and Electronic Device Act).

The ElektroG took effect in March 2005.

In addition to these directives, international standards and guidelines (ISO) are being drafted on environmenally compatible product developments.

Certificates and more

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Dialogue, Information and Actions: